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Whether you work as a general practitioner or medical specialist, whether you are a resident or an intern, or if you simply want to expand your knowledge in your medical and paramedical profession: the platform will provide all the practical radiological expertise that you need for proper interpretation & diagnosis of imaging studies. The training modules, developed by a radiologist, will bring your radiological knowledge up to the required standard.

Learn the general basics of the radiology discipline, with a special focus on the various examination techniques.

The most important radiological topics compiled for your professional field.

Search for the part of the body that you are interested in and learn all you need to know about the corresponding radiological examination.

Search here for specific pathology, techniques and disciplines.

Why you should choose offers a helping hand, to assist you in the correct interpretation and diagnosis of imaging studies. Using specific examples, we will explain how radiological images & scans should be assessed and you will learn the ins and outs of the radiology discipline.

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Expertise For all

Learn about the most important items that are relevant to you in a short period of time. From basic knowledge about the various basic techniques to radiological knowledge per professional field or per part of the body. Select the radiological knowledge and module that suits you best. You can complete the module once you have purchased it. You can also subscribe so that you will have access to all modules.

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